Hello everypony~

I’m almost at 3000 followers! Nobody cares right? YEAH!!

But you WILL care when I say this.

Since I’m too much of a lazy ass to give it to many people, I’ll just make it so the winner gets all!

Yes, this is a giveaway. You probably care now! Wait actually, you only care for the giveaway, but not the actual follows.

Anyway, to the rewards.

  1. A PS3
  2. Tons of bought games downloaded onto it, save data, 120gb slim for lots of porn!
  3. An Alienware M14x with ALL OF MY THINGS ON IT (ponies inbound)
  4. A Razer Naga MMOG gaming mouse
  5. A cooling pad
  6. Some USB headphones
  7. A dell laptop, I don’t even know what brand it is, my friend is giving it to me but I only like Alienware
  8. All of the McDonald’s pony toys (except for Rarity, she’s mine :D)
  9. A shout-out on my blog (I only have this here so I don’t look like an asshole
  10. An android phone pre-loaded with all of my stuff

Now for rules :I

  • You HAVE to be following my blog. Reblogs and likes also give you chances to win, so you can get up to 3 chances to win all of my shit I don’t need
  • You HAVE to reblog at least once.
  • Max reblogs allowed: 3!!! Any more and disqualified.
  • Kissing up to me doesn’t count for shit, and will actually disqualify you
  • uhhhh
  • Reblog as many times as you want, I don’t give a fuck, but don’t do more than 3. xD Contradicting statements (it’s just unfair you guys xD)
  • Recomended to be a brony, since like all of these have pony things on them
  • poneh should poneh poneh
  • You CAN talk to me about it, just please don’t beg me for it. will be my decider. I’ll just copy and paste your names there or something. Should I do screenshots? Yeah, okay. I’ll do screenshots if you ask for them

You don’t have to keep following me after the giveaway. Hell, I don’t control your lives. Be warned though, this blog is VERY NSFW.

During the course of the giveaway, though, please let me know if something offended you and I’ll delete it ASAP. I reblog lots of R34 xD

That’s about it you guys. Any questions, just ask me.

Thanks for 3000 once again you guys!

Oh yeah, have your asks open the 30th!!!! May 30 is your last chance!!

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